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We Are Artifical Reality.

Artificial Reality is one of the India's leading CGI, Mixed, Virtual & Augmented Reality company. We believe in using the power of Experience design, Technology & CGI to create magic. We started way back in 2000 and since then have constantly evolved in our approach and work.


Our focus has always been innovation and to stay ahead of the curve. Over the years have managed to become the trendsetters and have set new benchmarks for this industry.

We also offer ‘end-to-end’ Digital Creative solutions comprising of online campaigns, web design, Web/Application development, TV commercials & Mobile applications. Have rendered top-notch graphic and animation services to leading auto majors, both in India and abroad. To further broaden this gamut, Artificial Reality also designs astounding technology-enabled augmented & virtual reality experiences to get the user closer (almost) to reality!

The company boasts of having worked with possibly all the automotive companies in India, directly or otherwise. Our experience, thorough understanding about the segment, and focused approach has, over the years, helped the clients believe in our capability.

Creating beautiful, believable and emotionally engaging visual content is the reason we exist, whether it's for motion or stills and whether it's for print, online, mobile, out of home or broadcast.


UX strategy & Design

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality


Live Action


Art Installations

Application Development

Digital Retail Solutions

Enhance the customer experience of showrooms, flagship stores and pop-ups with engaging real-time 3D solutions

Online Engagements

Engage customers online with interactive 3D solutions for exploring and configuring high quality content

Assets and Media

3D asset production specialised for real-time. High fidelity media production enabled by real-time

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