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We Are Artificial Reality.

Artificial Reality is one of the India's leading CGI, Mixed, Virtual & Augmented Reality company. We believe in using the power of Experience design, Technology & CGI to create magic. We started way back in 2000 and since then have constantly evolved in our approach and work.


Our focus has always been innovation and to stay ahead of the curve. Over the years have managed to become the trendsetters and have set new benchmarks for this industry.

We also offer ‘end-to-end’ Digital Creative solutions comprising of online campaigns, web design, Web/Application development, TV commercials & Mobile applications. Have rendered top-notch graphic and animation services to leading auto majors, both in India and abroad. To further broaden this gamut, Artificial Reality also designs astounding technology-enabled augmented & virtual reality experiences to get the user closer (almost) to reality!

The company boasts of having worked with possibly all the automotive companies in India, directly or otherwise. Our experience, thorough understanding about the segment, and focused approach has, over the years, helped the clients believe in our capability.

Creating beautiful, believable and emotionally engaging visual content is the reason we exist, whether it's for motion or stills and whether it's for print, online, mobile, out of home or broadcast.

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UX strategy & Design

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality


Live Action


Art Installations

Application Development

Digital Retail Solutions

Enhance the customer experience of showrooms, flagship stores and pop-ups with engaging real-time 3D solutions

Online Engagements

Engage customers online with interactive 3D solutions for exploring and configuring high quality content

Assets and Media

3D asset production specialised for real-time. High fidelity media production enabled by real-time


We’re full service which means we’ve got you covered on design and content right through to digital. You’ll form a lasting relationship with us, collaboration is central to everything we do. We’ll push you out of your comfort zone from time-to-time, but this is where you’ll shine. Bottom line is we want you to succeed at Faculty.

UX Strategy & Design

User Experience (UX) is an imperative and essential aspect of any digital Application. Our research & process driven approach help us design user experiences that creates customer delight and build brand affinity.

Virtual Realty

We builds custom VR solutions for Businesses that operate in Automobile,Real estate advertising, education, and other industries. We offer end-to-end enterprise VR and MR production from concepts to prototyping to solution development and deployment.

Augmented Reality

Our team of AR experts has worked with leading brands across many industries to create interactive applications that drive results. Whether you have a specific solution in mind, or just want to explore the possibilities of Augmented Reality for your business, we’re here to help.

CGI & Live Animation

Our talented 3D artists, designers, editors, and audio engineers & Our expertise in 3D CGI animation, texture design, surfacing, film & video editing, composition, motion graphics and art direction make us a one-stop resource for all of your project requirements

Art Installations

Our pool of Art Directors, Designers and Engineers conceive, design, and fabricate state of the art contemporary art installations and sculptures. We over the years have worked with the most prestigious clients in the industry & won international accolades and have set new benchmarks.

Application Development

Design & Develop - Robust, Scalable & Industry specific Products / Solutions,Harness the power of a mobile-first journey with industry-specific solutions. Our experienced pool of Programers, hardware integrators work closely with our Design and strategy team to get thoughts to reality.


All Vacancies

Email your resume at: servicing@artificialreality.in.
3D Modeler

► Strong expertise with 3Ds Max with at least 1 years of experience
► Solid understanding of low poly and high poly modeling
► Experience with Car Modelling
► Good general knowledge in art (perspective, volume, lighting)
► Expertise in key frames animation
► A portfolio showcasing your work and strong design skills

Texture Artist

► 3D Artist (3DS MAX) with at least 2+ years of experience
► Experience in Texturing and Lighting
► Should have artistic ability and are should be proficient in 3D Max or Photoshop
► Create amazing 3D Environments
► Create ready-made, textured 3D models (Vehicles)
► Create ready-made, textured 3D models of environments in different styles (realistic, handled)
► Strong understanding of lighting/shading/texturing principles and techniques
► Must demonstrate a portfolio of expert-level photorealistic projects

.Net Developer

► Software Developer in Asp.Net, SQL, Angular2/4, Progressive Web APPs, .Net Core, Azure, Node.js
► Software and Applications Development and windows mobile development
► Knowledge of Visual Studio 2008 & above, SQL Server Management Studio & SQL Azure
► Should be proficient with OOPS concepts
► Should be thorough with fundamentals of C# and .NET Framework, ADO dot net
► Experience on Web Applications
► Database SQL Server, Stored procedures skills

Unity 3D Designer and Developer

► Strong knowledge of C# and the .net framework
► Should be open to learning and experiments
► Good knowledge of Virtual reality concepts and Augmented Reality concepts is a must
► Knowledge of Profiling and debugging
► Should be able to ensure the best performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications via Optimization
► Proficient knowledge of code versioning tools such as Git and SVN
► Experience of deploying the application to Play Store and App Store

Unreal Engine Developer

► Experience building virtual reality applications within Unreal Engine 4
► Strong Blueprinting skills within Unreal
► Proficient in C++ and object-oriented programming
► Experience with a variety of HMDs, such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
► Excellent analytical and communication skills

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India: +91 9821155448

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2107, 21st Floor, Haware Infotech, Sector 30A,

Vashi, Navi Mumbai - 400703. India.

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